The Journey Begins


Life is indeed a journey. 

A journey of faith, love, hope and Grace. 

We have a comfort in knowing that Jesus holds our hands and never lets go.  When we feel that we are pressed out and all alone, sometimes, I feel that this is when we let go of His hand or we try and rely on our own strength.

I pray that you will be inspired as we journey on this Walk of Faith together.  No one starting out with the Lord ever expects to face the many trials, sufferings and dark places that you do.  However the comfort that we have, is that he is there with us, every step of the way. Just as He shares in our troubles, He also shares in our triumphs.

Recently I have been stirred again in my spirit to look at Psalm 23.  Here the earthly shepherd (David) looks around while camping out with his own sheep and begins to muse on the goodness of our heavenly Shepherd.  He was probably just thinking that day of his duties and what he had to do in order to lead and protect his own flock.  Suddenly, the boundless revelation of the Holy Spirit begins to flow through him, and out pours this Psalm. The scripture, in verse 1, declares through the voice of David that,

“The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not want!” (Emphasis is mine)

So we have our first question, “who is the Lord to you?”  Have you claimed him as your Shepherd? Having a shepherd over you speaks of leadership.  He goes forward and finds the best places for the sheep to graze. When the sheep have to walk through particularly difficult paths, they have no fear because they are following their Shepherd.  Then he (David) says firmly, “I shall not want.”  He had discovered the goodness of his heavenly Shepherd.

Today, as you read this particular word, what are you lacking? Have you gone to your Shepherd today to ask him to lead you in the place of plenty?  Sometimes what we need is right in front of us but we can’t see. It is at these times that we should ask the Holy Spirit to open our eyes to see. Ask him to open your eyes to see the provision that is in front of you and me.  

In the presence of your Shepherd, you and I should be comforted by the fact that we do not need to worry, but, in fact, that is exactly what we do.  We worry about how the loan is going to be paid, we worry about how we will buy the next set of groceries. What about the school fees for your children? Will God really come through for me?  When we worry we invalidate the ability of the Shepherd to prove himself in our lives.  We begin to limit his power because we have allowed worry to enter.

Today my encouragement to you is, allow the power of the Shepherd of your soul to be released today and see worry walk out the door. Allow God to flex his muscles and work his goodness in your life  so that you can boldly say, “Lord you are my Shepherd and I SHALL NOT want!!

Published by Sonja

I am a Christian who is a Librarian. I love to encourage and inspire persons no matter where they are in life. I strongly believe that 'with God ALL things are possible.' I also like watching movies, singing and of course I write in my spare time. I hope that you enjoy your time with me as you peruse the website.

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